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Air Conditioning
66 Cuda A/C
HELP!!!!! Overheating 273 V8
Proper radiator for a 65 170 4DR
Fan Shroud
What's the proper fan shroud for my car?
1965 Barracuda inner quarter reference
Dash pad replacement
Radiator supprot color
64, 65, 66 Floor Pans
Jiffy Jet
Early A-body floor pans
Hood Support Arms
Can I use a 66 Barracuda door on my 64 Barracuda?
Fiberglass A-Body parts.
Disk conversion keeping 13 in rims?
Disc Brake Swap
Power Brake Booster for SSBC Kit
Brake help
Brake Line Kits 60 to 63
Brake help!!
Brakes for my 62
Will 74 dart brakes fit my 65 barracuda
Power Brake Boosters?
Can I use the KH Mustang rotors?
Disc brake conversion
Upgrading Brakes for Safety
Where can I find 10" rear drums?
Wheel Cylinders for 10" rear drums
Where can I get small bolt KH rotors?
Disc brake kit for 4" BC
Brake Parts Interchange List
Build sheets, VINs, Fender Tags, etc.
How do I decode my FenderTag?
How do I decode my VIN?
Alternate VIN number location.
Archive through November 06, 2010
How to get a missing Build/Broadcast sheet.....Chrysler H...
Build sheet location and certicard location on a 65 Valiant
Throttle linkage bushing
Carter BBD Jets
Where can I get a Rebuild kit or parts for my 65 stock 27...
Can anyone help me on my Holley choke problem?
Questions about rebuild of the Holley 1920 1BBL
Stock 2bbl carb ?'s
Chrome Air Filter Cover
Plastic chromers
Who does the best chrome?
Top bow height ?
Cleaning The Top
Convertible Top Problem
Top hardware
Door locks and Keys
'65 VS. '66 door locks
Driveshaft and U-Joint
Where do I get a Ball and Trunion boot?
Driveshaft Interchange
Bulkhead Wire Fix
Solid State instrument cluster
Neutral Safety Switch Inquiry
Turn Signal Switch Source
Installing new voltage regulator
How does the ammeter hook up to the altenator and relay?
Headlight Switch
Correct colors for Valiant emblem?
Interior Door Emblem
Fender emblems
Engine choice for 65 Barracuda
273 Vacuum #'s
Distributor drive gear in the wrong position
Commando 273 ID
Timing mark
Slant 6 info from downunder
Engine mounts 273
Keep 273 or replace with 318
How Many Litres?
Is there a performance cam for a 170?
Water in Engine
One piece V8 oil pan gasket?
Headers: 6.1L hemi swap
Did the resonator come with the Commando motor, or with t...
273 Heat Riser Valve
273 Driver side (left) exhaust manifold braces?
Dakota Shorty Headers
Good Solid Lifter Cam For Restricted Exhaust
Spit Fires
Is the new 225 exhaust manifold same for a 170?
Harold is still around....
'66 Cuda dual exhaust - using stock manifolds?
TTI install Pictures ...
Doug's Headers
Durango Manifolds
What kind of headers will fit my Barracuda?
Spitfire pics
Fan/Radiator Shroud
Formula S
Other Formula S differences
Commando Exhaust
Formula S Features and Options
Correct plug wire grommets
What makes a Formula S?
FS Tachometer
What does the Commando rear exhaust cutout look like?
How to identify '65 Formula S
Fuel and Related
Fuel gauge not working
65 cuda vapor return line connection?
Archive through November 04, 2012
Fuel Line Diameter 5/16 versus 3/8
Need intake manifold specs!!!!!!!!
Where can I get a new A-body gas tank?
Anyone got an 1bbl air cleaner throat gasket part #?
I need pictures of throttle rod and choke rod hook up
Tank removal
Fuel filter
Glass and Mirror
Washer bag
Wing windows
Back glass
Can I remove a 65 windshield by myself?
Window lockstrip options
Repairing a droopy mirror
What mirror is correct for '65 & where does it go?
Ignition Question
Starting My Valiant
Spark Plugs
Trouble starting my 65 Valiant 225
Pertronix Ignitor
Importing a car from the US to Canada
What is different with Canadian Valiants?
Instrument voltage regulator
Speedometer Gear Charts
Dash refinishing
Turn signal indicators in the dash of a 66 baracuda
Removing the Dash
Speedo and late 904
Can I calibrate gauges myself?
Dash lights
Voltage limiter
Rear defrost factory Diagram
Where can I get a new chrome dash bezel?
Door panel removal
Rear seat removal
Can anyone help me reassemble my strg column?
Dash color
How do you remove dash on a 65 Valiant?
How do I know if I should have a reverse switch?
1966 Barracuda interior trim
How to install a new headliner?
Where do I get correct Barracuda carpet?
New arm rest pads?
How can I make my own kick panels?
The rear seat pole in my Barracuda rattles?
Lenses & Bezels
Where can I get new plastic gaskets for my rear taillights?
Rally Packed Barracuda Motor Trend January 1965
Popular Science November 1964
Rear Defrost, factory install sheet. 64-66 Cuda
July 1965 Hot Rod Barracuda article
1964 July Hot Rod Dr. Shifty ad
1966 Scott Harvey Barracuda ad
Hemmings Motor News December 2006
Hemmings Muscle Machines December 2003
Special Interest Autos August 1984
Auto Restorer June 1988
Car Life July 1964
Chrysler of Canada 1966 Barracuda ad, part 2.
Barracuda ad from Chrysler of Canada 1966
Post cards
Hod Rod magazine article on 1965 Barracuda
1966 Valiant & Barracuda Options Book
1966 Data Book - Valiant
1966 Data Book - Barracuda
What makes a Formula S?
Mouldings and Clips
Does anyone know of a source for the spring clips that ho...
Trunk moulding P/N
What is the correct shade of blue for the V emblem?
65 & 66 Barracuda Stripes
2-tone 65 Barracuda?
Where can I get the exact color codes?
AM Radio Conversion
New radio
Valiant Radio
Will a 66 Dart radio fit a 65 Valiant?
Rear Ends
Mopar 8.25 readend
Rear End Spotters Guide
1966 Barracuda Driveshaft
Limited-slip vs. posi. vs. open?
Seats and belts
Installing new seat covers
Where to find a v8 center link for a 63 signet
Front Suspension
Figures for a proper front alignment wanted
Addind power steering to a 65 Valiant 170
Stupid question
Torsion Bar Applications 1962-81
Anti-sway bar bushings
Rear End & Leaf Springs
904 to 360 engine
Center Console
65 Valiant with 70's 904
904 Tramsmission Rebuild Tips
1966 Barracuda Driveshaft
Drip Trim and spear removal
Barracuda Hinge Bolts
Mopar 63-74 A B C Body Trunk Sliders Installation Tip??
Convert your trunk rod prop to a gas shock
65 fiberglass trunk??
1966 Barracuda/ Valiant Hood to Radiator Support seal
Convertible Top Weatherstripping?
Window gaskets
Wheels and Tires
61 Valiant 13in Dog Dish
Wheel and tire size
Front wheels and tires for 64ragtop dart
Lugs and Nuts
Locking lefties?
Formula S 2" nuts
The Tire Size Calculator
Wheel Technical Information
Wheel Covers
How do I tell if my wheel cover is 13" or 14"?
Blue Streak Tires
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