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Has anyone seen this car in person?
eBay item # 130147298633

This car looks really nice and I was going to bid on it but there's a number of items that make me hesitate.
The body looks nice and straight but there's no fender tag so I wonder if it's really a Formula S.
Also the trunk area is red while the rest of the car is light blue which the listing says is the original color, was it painted and then re-painted in the "original" color. I just wonder if the paint is ok or is it going to need a re-paint or a strip and re-paint soon. A lot of the trim is missing, there's no wheel well trim and there is no lower sill molding, these parts are pricey.
It looks like it needs a lot of detail stuff too; prop rod, trunk mat, washer bottle; plus it has the wrong door panels on it and who knows what else I'd find when I saw it.
The good news is it's a four speed and the front end, motor and trans have all been re-built in the last seven years or so. This work could have been done to a high standard or maybe not, it would be great to drive it to see how it feels.
I'm expecting that the high bid will only be about half of the reserve.
Anyone else have any thoughts?
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I don't think I've ever hear of a D/Stock Commando engine in a Barracuda. I thought they were used in a handfull (maybe 50?) D/Darts.

The trunk has red primer to cover the rust spots. The radio area has been cut. Carpet needs to be replaced. The engine has a west coast air cleaner (note the extra hose attachment which should go to the breather on the driver's side valve cover). Steering wheel is cracked. The exhaust is incorrect for a Formula S. All the little things can add up to big bucks. It depends if you prefer stock or modified cars. It might be a solid car, but I'd like to see it in person first. Maybe we have someone in the WV are who could look at the car for you?

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I dont think he means the engine is from "D/Dart". I think he means that the engine digit in the VIN (D) denotes a 273 2bbl engine, as in "bp29d". Maybe all the "Commando" stuff has been added. The reference to 280 horse is probably a misprint...should be 180 hp, correct for a 273-2bbl. 'Course, the original engine could be gone and the replacement one is a rebuilt and warmed-up 273 Commando,putting out 280hp. A "real" D/Stock 273 would have come with a Holley carb and spacer. This one has a Carter.
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He is stating it has d/stock engine, and refers to an article by Dave Mapes. This engine has a Carter Carb, the D/stock engine had a Holley carb, as stated in the referenced article. The parts for the d/stock engine could be purchased over the parts counter, but the engine was never offered in the Barracuda from the factory, only the Dart. The Barracuda was too heavy to make the D/stock class. Most, if not all of the factory D/stock Darts were for factory connected racers.
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If he repainted it in 1999, maybe the previous painter did the primer in the trunk. Maybe it was all covered in primer when he bought it? Who knows. The history is rather sketchy.

It could be an S clone. If he replaced all the suspension, what did he use? Did he use the heavy duty torsion bars and springs, or the more common /6 or 318 stuff?

The door panels are '65 variety, which could have come with the car. He says he put in a new interior, but obviously he put in generic carpeting in the back and left the front carpets alone, which are all faded and probably covered in primer and dust too.

Personally I'd stay away unless it's going cheap.
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Let me correct myself, I don't think it's a Formula S car. I think it's a V8 car that's had a lot added to it.

There's a link to another site with more information including a copy of a build sheet.

According to my books, in 1966 the D only means a 273 V8, it doesn't specify 4bbl or 2bbl.

If the build sheet he's showing is the original one, then it shows the car came with:

P4X - premium buckets, vinyl, black
37-38 31 - 273 2bbl 180 hp
(in 1965 31 was a 273 4bbl, but for 1966 it would be 32)

421- am radio
43-44 21 - 6.95 X 14 black tires (not blue streak which would be 28)
471 - Clean Air Package (CAP)
487 - cigar lighter
509 - glove box lock
511 - map and courtesy light
522 - tinted windshield
534 - inside glare proof mirror
536 - outside LH remote mirror
557 - front and rear seatbelts
565 - rear armrest and ashtray
579 - undercoating and hood insulation pad
583 - sport wheel covers
691 - sold car (ordered)

890/891 - light duty torsion bars (non Formula S)

Tach would be 577 - not present
Heavy duty suspension with sway bar would be 624 - not present
Heavy duty shocks 638 - not present
Front disc brakes is 479 - not present
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Thanks for the input!
It looks like a decent car but I wasn't sure it was a Formula S or even has all of the S parts on it.

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