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can someone tell me if the D4B will work on a factory 273 motor and heads? I have looked on the web and people say it is the only one that will work on the 1964-1965 motor
thanks Rob
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There were some changes in the manifold bolt hole angles in the early 273s. If I remember correctly, that manifold is for the older heads. I think manifolds for later heads can be modified to work. Wish I could be more definite, but I have later 318 engines. Ask on FABO!

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EDELBROCK TECH Tue Feb 24 18:05:10 PST 1998
The Edelbrock D4B was designed for early 273 only. It has an RPM range from 1000-6000 on the 273. If used on a 360 it will drop the RPM range too probably idle-5000 RPM at best. It is no where near the manifold that the RPM is. We would highly suggest the use of the RPM intake with the RPM package. Thanks- Scott Fort
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Yes, it was designed for the early heads, but can be modified for use on the later heads. Basically, the only difference is the bolt angle and size....early heads were a smaller bolt at a bit different angle.

EDIT: The "LD4B" was the same intake using the later, larger bolts and diff. angle.

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Yup, Have done a few of those installs... 64/65 LA 273 used 5/16-18 bolts (intake to head)... 66 and newer LA engines went to 3/8-16 Bolts... and as stated by Darwin, a different angle.

But it's an easy mod if putting on other 273/LA318 heads... 64/65 273 intake to 66 heads and newer just drill holes larger and angle... 66/67 273 intake to 64/65 heads..... use washers...

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Note: 273 intake NOT recommended for 340/360!!!
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Bring that bad boy to Carlisle and do a swap for the later heads, or sell to to me!!!! LOL
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