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I have a '65 Barracuda that I drag race, I do NOT want race seats, I think they are ugly and uncomfortable. I have very short legs and the deep pan on the race seats makes it even more difficult to reach the pedals. I'm putting in new pedals but I can only get them so close to compensate.

I need a seat that has a headrest and will work with a harness. The stock seats are too low and it makes it difficult during launch since I have neck and upper back problems. What seats swap in fairly easily and fit down in the car, most seem to wide? I also want something that "looks" somewhat like they belong on the car, I do drive it on the street also.

Thanks guys!
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Any seat can be made to work, the best/easiest way is to use the orignal seat rails and use flat stock to compensate. (Just in case you don't know what flat stock is it is thin flat metal) The flat stock width depends on where the holes line up with the original seat frame and your new seat. I will give you a hint on a GREAT seat that I know you will like.....1988 to 1991 Honda Prelude. And other than a nice seat, they were designed by RECARO, in fact the very first 1988's you could take the factory cover off and see the multicolored Recaro logo, as the factory wasn't quite geared up to make them!
Hope this helps
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Your right on about the race buckets being uncomfortable! I was going to put some in mine, but I think that I'm going to go back to the orginal seats even though they way a ton. I've made a bracket that would fit my orginal seat runners and to the race seats and they didn't go back far enough. I'm the opposite, I have long legs. I would hate to drive vary far with race buckets, I would bet my legs would go to sleep. I do like the way the cup you, but....sorry I'm not much help .

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I'd go for second generation A-body buckets, like those in a '67-69 Barracuda, which look very similar to the '66 Barracuda seats, but have a headrest.
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Never thought of second generation seats! I'll have to talk to some of the guys at the track that have true "drag cars" in those body styles and see if any have seats they'd want to part with....
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