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I have a chance to get a 318 from a 1992 Dakota pickup 4x4 with the overdrive automatic. I'm wanting to put it in my 1964 Barracuda with the factory 4 speed, So will the 1992 318 V8 bolt up to my 64 factory 4speed, and 64 Motor mounts? or does the 92 318 have a different bolt pattern for using my 273 bell housing. I'm going to put a edlebrock performer carb on the 92 motor. Thanks for any help or advice.
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the 273 bell housing will bolt up,,but the 273 clutch is too small for the 318 if u plan on beating on it,,if you can get a performance clutch and pressure plate for the 273 9 inch clutch ???? go with it,, if not finding a bell housing for a 340 318 360 using a 10 1/2 inch clutch wil be easy and cheap,,,

as for the motor mounts,,some of thos later 318 had both type motor mount bosses you will have to look at the motor and see if you see the ears on both sides like your 273, if they are there its a bolt in, deal,,you will need a car oil pan for the truck motor,,,your 273 pan may fit,,i dont know how the magnum pans are,,,if it fits you will need the pan and the pick up tube off of the oil pump that came from the 273 this is an easy swap,,,
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how is this coming? doing a magnum swap is not that difficult
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I never got the engine so decided to run the 273 it is a good runner and cheap to operate plus with the 4 speed it's fun. If at some point I run accross a magnum engine I'll put it in but for now it has been put on the back shelve.