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hi just a question about your opinions and experienced about external transmissions oil coolers. As my orig. radiator was shot now, id decided to switch to an aftermarket aluminium radiator, tough, the affordable ones did not have automatic oil coolers included, therefore im looking for an external one. What type would you prefer: the well known ones like the flex-a-lite coolers (coppertube bended 4 or 6 times) or the ones (i guess they are called heat sink tubes or something like that) a big straight tube (aluminium) with fins around it, and i saw also someones offered by summit etc. called plated coolers.
and/or has ever one of you used a discarded A/C-condensor ... i think this one should also work as a properly cooler, or?
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My brother uses A/C condensors all the time he uses both new and used. and he mounts them off to one side of the radiator rather than infront of the radiator. of course this all depends on mounting area for which size and area he mounts them. Hope this helps and good luck.