Power Brake Boosters?

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I read the excellent tutorial on this site regarding the upgrade to the dual master cylinder which I plan to do. But I'd also like to add power brakes too. (Keeping the drums all around). What years and models would be a bolt in upgrade using the brackets and booster from the doner car?
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any A body from 1963 to 1976 and possibily volare and aspen,,,

but you will need all the parts of the power brake booster & brackets from the same year,,,which ever you choose,1967 i believe was the first year of the dual master cylinder,,,master power brake has a complete kit as im sure scarbird does also,,and i hear scarbird is way cheaper,,,easy conversion,,
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Thanks for the reply Fstish66! Do you know if the booster cares what master cylinder is bolted up to it? The reason I ask is I have access to a '74 Dart with power brakes, but the car is a disc brake car. Can I get the booster and brackets and then purchase a drum brake booster for it and have the assembly work in my '63?
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From further research it looks like the earlier boosters (67 to 70) are smaller in diameter and I was thinking that might be the way to go to save space under the hood. Can I use the brackets from the '74 on the earlier booster? Or did they change that too? Is it a safe assumption that my original pedal assembly need not be changed or altered for this conversion?
Thanks again.