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I have a '65 Barracuda, all original. Well, except for the front disc brakes. The front seats, especially the driver seat, is in lousy condition. The rubber foam has disintegrated. It's really uncomfortable. I've been running around getting quotes on having them reupholstered, but then the safety question popped into mind:

Shouldn't I really have seats with headrests?

Now I'm looking to see if I can find seats that have headrests that can be mounted will little no modification. I am not interested in racing seats. I read somewhere that headrests became mandatory in late 1969. Are there Mopar seats of this vintage that might work and look proper in my old Barracuda? Or does someone have a line on a clever modern replacement?

I'm all ears.
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I have been looking into the Sebring Convertible seats myself. I understand the ones before 1998 are the easiest to use. Then you get a seatbelt too.
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sebring seat have the seat belt thru the top of the seat,probably much more comfortable then the orignals but wont have the correct look if thats importantto you,,if you can find a set of 1967 68 69 dart or barracuda buckets,with head rests at an affordable price,they would look close to the correct vintage,but most will know they dont belong, and those seat 67 68 69 are not cheap
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It's a delicate balance, isn't it? I really want this car to be as original as possible, but somewhere along the way safety has to be taken seriously. Which trumps which? To just ask the question generally I will almost always answer for safety. I've seen too much to ignore it. Still, it would be nice to have original-looking seats. I spoke with the gentlemen at Wildcat Auto Wrecking they mentioned a super rare artifact - early Valiant / Barracuda separate head rest units that somehow bolted to the seats. They've only seen a few examples and I doubt any exist. But it's interesting to ponder.

Does anyone have any good pics of the 67-69 Dart/Barracuda seats? Or the Sebring ones?
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If you look back thru the old threads I asked about seats last year at some point and someone suggested seats from a Dakota pickup. I was looking more for something that would be better on my back than authentic. Apparently they can be had for not a ton of dough...and if I ever sell the car I can give whoever buys it the originals...if i ever finish, that is! STU
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How about restoring your original seats with new foam and seat covers and adding headrests to them? I know you can add headrests to early Mustangs, maybe these would work?

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