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I have discovered that the trunk hinges for my 66 Cuda are rather hard to find. I have one hinge but am guessing that there are spacers that go between the hinge and the trunk. I have a machine shop that can make me the second hinge but they need to know the dimensions of the spacer piece to make them. If any of you can, please email me a photo of the spacer and measure it for me so I can get them made. If this works then we will have a new source for these parts for everyone. My new new email address is Thanks! Troy
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I'm parting out a '66 Barracuda right now.
Let me know if you need anything.
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One of the members sent me an email of a photo of the hinges. Turns out the one I have isn't the right one at all. Someone must have put it on there trying to make it work. Probably the same goofball that used chicken wire, fiberglass cloth, and large amounts of bondo on the rear quarters!! I was able to find a set and have bought them, I think I will still go to the machinist and get another set made since they are getting rare.