904 Transmission Fluid Leak

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Looking for an answer or a possible solution for a 904 auto transmission leak I have on my 66' Barracuda. It's leaking tranny fluid and from the first looks of it I thought I had a bad I went on and replaced the gasket. Well hoping that everything would be good it WASN'T! After further inspection I found that it's leaking tranny fluid from were the shift rod meets the tranny case. It's a very hard to reach area and it doesn't seem to be anywhere to adjust from to stop the leak. Is this a significant problem that needs to be taken to the shop or is it a problem I can fix at home. Gurus...HELP!
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there is a o-ring seal at the shift shaft sticking up out of the case,,i dont know if there is enough room to replace it in an early A ,,with out removing a lot of stuff or even the tranny it self,,get a service manual and see what it says, i do know it comes out from the top,not from inside the trany,,good luck
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