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While at a car show recently, I noticed a 1965 Mustang uses the same windshield washer pump as our early A-bodies. Doing a quick google search I found this one for $29.00. Layson's had one at Carlisle and they were asking $82.00.

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Cool...nice find Don!
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I purchased the washer pump and installed it last night. It is a little different from the stock pump but worth the cost and modifications required to install it.

First the opening in the base plate for the rubber grommet is bigger on the Ford unit and so are the metal sleeved grommets. I discarded the Ford grommets and rather than use the old MOPAR grommets I used a larger rubber grommet instead. Second, the grounding lug on the Ford pump is on top of the base not under the base like the MOPAR pump. I also cut the copper grounding lug off at the hole and re-drilled it so it would lay flat on top of the grommet and not stand out too much. Mounting the pump in the stock holes requires some effort as the Ford hole pattern may be a little wider but it did mount in the stock holes with the stock screws. The new pump works much better than my old unit and I will likely have to readjust the spray heads to center the stream properly. I really like the new pump, Thanks Don
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