Any Custom 100 owners out there?

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Hi, I just stumbled accross this forum, and find it has good information!

I have a 1965 Custom 100 convertible project car, and one question that always bugged me was how many of these were produced?

My car is in bad need of quarter panels and floors, as well as a driver's side front frame rail (rusted out at the the lower bend under the firewall).
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Hey OD440...I've got one of those too. Check out the members section under "My 65 Custom 100 'vert project"

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I was beginning to wonder if anyone was still alive on this forum?? I haven't seen any messages in weeks........... ???
By the way..........My Cuda is in primer and ready to paint......I hope to spray it on Saturday. (B-5 True Blue with Black Formula S Stripes) Even primer made it look sooo much better!!!
Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 6:22 am   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IPMove Post (Moderator/Admin Only)   

Yours looks in a little better shape than mine. Is it light blue?

Here's a little summary of mine:
Light blue paint
Blue interior
white top
HP225 slant six
automatic trans.
power steering.

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Rej....Well its all in pieces right now.I have installed a whole new floor since that pic was taken as the car has a fair amount of rust.I have also scored 2 mint full quarters for the car and will be mounting them as money becomes available. Details on mine are:

Light tan exterior
Light blue interior
170 or 225 (not sure of original-'77 225 now)
--(may be 273 in future)
Factory A833-4 speed trans
Power top
Std. steering
Std. brakes
7-1/4 rear(to be 8-3/4)
Variable -speed wipers
AM radio

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Sounds just like what mine looks like right now, all apart waiting for funds. I have a complete floor pan from a sedan that I need to install. I will probably end up buying patch panels from Laysons for the quarters. I also need to repair the left front frame rail (rotted out at the bottom bend), among other things, like the piles of bondo on the passenger quarter (all I know is that it doesn't line up with the door. maybe got hit, or the car is just bent naturally...).

Plans for mine:
V8 (318 or 360)
possibly 4-speed retrofit
8-3/4 diff (under the car right now)
possibly replace bench with buckets.

I hope I can at least start on the floor fix this summer.

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Rej...That's exactly what I did;got a mint floor pan from a 4 dr sedan and drilled all the spot welds out of the original floor and the replacement pan just fell right into place. Now I just need to finish welding up the seams and installing the four-speed hump. I really wanted to retain the original body lines in the floor pan and after seam sealer is applied,it'll look like it grew there!.I'm gonna probably keep my bench seat.Does yours need any rear fenderwell or trunk extension work? Mine needs some and the '65 Barracuda quarters will provide all the metal I need to fix the vert.

Darwin/Victoria BC/Canada

PS. Would your first name happen to be Rejan,and you live in Winnipeg?
Monday, April 14, 2003 - 9:03 am   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IPMove Post (Moderator/Admin Only)   

Yes, my first name is Rejan and I'm from Winnipeg.

I was planning the same with my floor pan. I have to separate the sedan sheetmetal from is rocker panels and part of the frame rails. It will go from the firewall to halfway up the rear kick-up in back of the rear seat. The overlapping sheet metal on mine is rotted out.

Was it difficult to change the floor pan in one piece? Doid you brace the car up to prevent flexing/bending?

I should have kept the front rails from that sedan too, but didn't think of it at the time. The rear quarter extensions are non-existing on my car. A previous owner cut out all the rusted out areas in the floors and quarters, as well as the trunk extensions and spare tire well. Would it be less expensive to get whole rust-free quarters like you did, or the patch panels from Laysons? Ideally, I would almost need another car (for front rails, quarters, trunk extensions, etc).

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Rej...I thought the name sounded familiar. I think we may have chatted before.I have seen your name on the Valiant Varieties site.

Changing the pan in one piece was easy and IS the way to go!
I just drilled the spot welds along the tops of the rockers just inside the weatherstripping lip on both cars.I also drilled out halfway up the firewall at the join and at the join under the rear seat as well as along the frame members under the front seat.When the pan is free,you can remove the whole thing(or whats left of it).The new pan slides in place easily.Just weld up the holes.All the short wheelbase car pans are the same---2 dr,4 dr,sedan,ht, or convert,but then you probably knew that already(LOL)!

As far as jack stands,I tried to put them in a position that would equalize the front and rear sections as if they were separate. In the case of the convertible,the rockers really hold the car together,and are pretty strong,so, as long as you dont put the stands at the very ends of the car,I think you will be OK.

If you have no trunk extensions left,I have heard that with some small mods that the 67-69 extensions will work since the 63-66 are not yet reproduced.My car also needs some wheel well work,so the full Barracuda quarters are the way I'm going,but they are not easy or cheap to find.

Do you have any digital pics you can send me of your car?

Friday, April 25, 2003 - 9:03 pm   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IPMove Post (Moderator/Admin Only)   

I have some regular photos that I would have to scan. I guess I have an excuse to do it now.

What I should have done with the 4-door sedan parts car is keep most of the car intact, and take it all apart at the spot welds at a later date (someone had already raided the doors and quarters), but being in highschool and no room to keep extra parts cars kept me from doing that. Now that I have the room, I only have the pieces I sawzalled off that sedan.

Do you know if the rront and rear frame rails are pretty much the same as the '67-up A-bodies? My driver side one is perforated under the floor pan (and I have "most" of the rail from the sedan, but it's got a saw cut right where I need it... I guess I didn't check that 8 years ago before cutting...).

I will find some pictures and scan them sometime next week.