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Thought I'd share this with you guys. As you may know, I've been R&Ring my heater box, replacing the core, and cleaning my cowl vents in my '63. When I put it all together I decided to try a trick from the Days of Olde and put a shut off switch in the coolant line that supplies the heater core. I used 4 Seasons Part # 84706 around $15

With the coolant turned off I drove into town with my infrared thermometer. I checked the heater box temp with the gun, it was just over 94 degrees. (Ambient temp was around 94). Turned the valve on and drove home. Temped the box again and it was 135 degrees!!! You can see shutting that coolant of seriously reduced the heat entering the interior of the car. That alone should help in the hot summers. I plan on adding AC to this car so this can only help that work better.
Just a FWIW.

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After my trip to Carlisle and feeling some hot air blowing in I can see where that would help. I really didn't need the defroster so not a issue.

Thanks for the info.
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