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On another forum that I frequent there is a Mopar trivia quiz where if I answer them all correctly I get a free year of premium (Costs $20 and I haven't been able to afford it). Being that the questions are pretty tough and you guys definitely know your stuff I've come here to see if you guys could help me out. Here are the questions, I've answered a few but they may not be correct:

1.) In 1970,the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda and the Dodge T/A Challenger both used a 340 c.i. smallblock engine which was topped off with a tri-power setup (3 2bbl. carbs).Plymouth had a certain name for their tri-power setup and Dodge had a name for their tri-power setup. What were the 2 names that each one used ? (specify which name goes with each make please).
I always thought both Plymouth and Dodge used the name Six Pack, and from what I can see everywhere I think this is a trick question. But to try to make an educated guess the Challenger used "Six Pack" (or Pak) and the Cuda used "Six Barrel"

2.) The 1970 Dodge T/A Challenger used some wording which appeared 3 times on this car. Once on the air cleaner,on the right front fender,and on the left front fender.However,it was spelled differently on the air cleaner than the fenders.What was the spelling difference ?
SIX PAK on the fenders and Six Pack on the air cleaner

3.) The 426 Hemi is probably Mopars most famous engine.Produced between the years 1964-1971.This was not Mopars first venture into the world of the Hemi engine,there have been several variations and cubic inch displacements over the years. What was the 1st year and what was the 1st cubic inch displacement that it came to be offered to the public ?
1951 331ci

4.) In 1970,the 426 Hemi underwent an internal engine modification. What was this modification ?
Hydraulic bumpstick

5.) 2 winged cars were produced.1 by Dodge, and 1 by Plymouth. What were the names of these winged warriors and their corresponding years ?
1970 Plymouth Superbird, 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

6.) A certain 60's era Mopar (3 consecutive years) used the same front bumper as it did on the rear.Do you know what 3 years and on which model this was done on ?

7.) The 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T could be ordered with 4 different colored bumble bee stripes around the rear end of the car. What were these 4 colors that could be ordered ?

8.)In what year and on what car did the factory first install a dash mounted tachometer ?

9.) The famous Max Wege big block engines were not produced at the traditional big block engine plant. Where were they produced at ?

10.) On the 1971 Charger R/T,if the A54 code (colored bumper group),(to match car) was ordered,2 other options were automatically deleted.What were the 2 options that got automatically deleted ?

11.) In what year and on what applications did Mopar first install factory hood pins ? and why ?

12.) In 1965,Dodge built the altered wheelbase Coronet,and Plymouth built the altered wheelbase Belvedere.These cars were built for use for drag racing purposes only.However,due to a request,Dodge did build some some altered wheelbase cars for a certain customer. Who was this customer and what was the model name of the car ?

13.) Name the year and model of the car in which Chrysler first used the dual 4 barrel intake system ?

14.) The "B" series big block was available in 4 different cubic inch displacements over the years.What were these 4 cubic inch displacements ? (careful here,2 may be overlooked).

15.) The "RB" series big blocks were available in 4 cubic inch displacements also. What were these displacements ? (be very careful here,there is 1 that will probably be overlooked).

16.) On the 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury,what was the difference on the transmission that seperated it from all the other 1964 production cars ?

17.) What award did the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner recieve ?

18.) In 1969,all Chrysler Corporation vehicles produced were in direct violation of federal law. What did they do wrong ?

19.) Carrol Shelby teamed up with Chrysler in the 80's to build some performance front wheel drive cars for them,which included the GLH and the GLHS. What do GLH and GLHS stand for ?

20.) Legendary Mopar racers,Sox and Martin really put Mopar on the map in the world of Drag Racing.
A.) In what year did they win their first event ?
B.) What event was this ? and where was it held ?
C.) What kind of car were they using in this event ?
D.) What was their prize for winning this event ?
E.) What did they do with the prize that they won ?
F.) What was Sox's first name ? What was Martins first name ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, google isn't much of any help at all.
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I think #13 is 1956, but I'm not sure. It was DeSoto.

The Roadrunner won the Motor Trend Car Of The Year award in 1969.

The 4 RB displacements are 383, 413, 426, and 440.

The 4 B displacements are 350, 361, 383, and 400.
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to be added at a later date:
bigger, wider wheels
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#19 is the Goes Like He** and Goes Like He** S'more. (on another note, shelby also built a rather forgotten Car/Truck.. the Shelby Rampage, satanic brother to the Rampage/Scamp/Scamp GT of the early 80's)

And an even further strayed from topic note, If i remember correctly, the GLH Omni was the fastest production car for it's year, beating out the competition (i think allpar has the details to this one on their website somewhere)

#20-F is Ronnie Sox & Buddy Martin
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 12:20 pm   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IPMove Post (Moderator/Admin Only)   
This trivia thing ended ages ago but you can still answer them if you want, they're interesting to know.

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