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This is a mature, moderated board and is here for you to enjoy. Use of the board is a privilege, not a right. Messages with EXCESSIVE foul language, vengefulness, hatred and/or slanderous comments will not be tolerated. Occassionally there are exceptions.

Respect and tolerance for each other is our code.

Several types of posts may be deleted. Moderators have the final say regarding what gets deleted, but will use the following guidelines:

* Messages which are offensive, racist, profane or libelous may be deleted or edited.

* Personal attacks against other posters will be deleted. Any post which is insulting, threatening or cruel to other posters will not be tolerated and will be deleted in its entirety.

* Personal attacks against celebrities, their families, etc. may be deleted. This board is not intended as a place to slam or rip apart people. Discuss, debate and share your opinion maturely, but leave the meanness at home.

* Whining / complaining about the moderation on the board may be deleted.

* Small, one-word or no-text messages may be deleted.

* Inactive topics (topics with no new posts) may be deleted after about 1 week of inactivity, sometimes sooner depending on number of posts and traffic to the board.

* Posts which violate the Rules of the board are subject to being deleted.

Occasionally a post may be deleted in error. If you are certain that your post is not in violation of the rules, try posting again after a few minutes.

Everyone, including you, have a right to post a message on this board. But, everyone has a right to enjoy reading this board too.

This site encourages healty debate and discussion and it takes many different types of people for this to happen. Remember our code:

Respect and tolerance for each other